Babysitter Arrested For Child Rape

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(Hardeman County, TN) Police arrested a man for charges he raped a child at his home.  According to neighbors, a number of parents let their children spend the night, even the weekend with Grandfatherly John McKinney also known as Mr. Ray.

 A police affidavit stated one of the elementary school aged girls said Mr. Ray started "messing with her".  She said on a night when girls were watching movies on his satellite TV he brought her into his room where put touched her until she bled.  Another day, the girl said Mr. Ray rode her around his property on his four-wheeler to play “hide and seek” but would stop to visit his sex spots where she was raped.

Neighbors didn't want to be identified but said parents from miles around brought their kids to Mr. Ray.  They said McKinney bought the children’s parents gifts, and gave them money and the parents got a babysitter out of it.