Search on for Missing College Student

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(Gosnell, Ark) - An Arkansas family is searching for their missing college student.

Josh Wilson, 21, has been missing since Sunday.

His parents, Casey and Carl Wilson say they spent Saturday night at home watching a movie with their son. They say Sunday morning he got up early, left the house, and didn't take his phone with him.

"He had used his ATM card at 8:30," Mrs. Wilson said.

Wilson says their is video of her son Josh taking out $60 from a bank in Gosnell Sunday morning.

It's the last activity on his card and the last time he has been seen in Gosnell.

His parents  say they got concerned when he didn't show up for work. Josh works at the wellness center at Arkansas Northeastern College where he was taking classes.

"When he didn't show up for work that's when I really got worried because he doesn't miss work," Wilson said. "He was supposed to be there at 12:30 today."

His father says his son has never left home before and to his knowledge wasn't having any problems at school or with his girlfriend.

Monday he spent the day searching for his son's car thoughout the Blytheville and Gosnell area.

"It's hard not to think about what happened," he said. "We're just focused on him being okay and just coming home."

His parents are now praying and  pleading for their son's safe return.

"I just want him to come home I want to know he's safe," she said.

They say he is driving a 2003 blue Mustang with a grey fender. If you have seen Josh  or his car call police.