Teen Charged With Elderly Attack Now Accused Of Attacking Little Boy

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(Tunica, MS) For the second time, a Mid-South teen is accused of beating someone nearly to death.

Both attacks were on vulnerable victims.

"It's very scary. When my baby walked in the house and fell on the couch, I actually thought he was gone," said Shaneice Bolden.

Bolden said her four-year-old son Marcus was bleeding and foaming at the mouth after the attack. 

His collar-bone is broken after she says he was beaten by a 14-year-old boy already charged in another brutal assault.

"I asked him why he was hurting me so bad and he said 'he wanted to'," said Shirley Gordon back in August 2012.

Authorities confirm it was the same teen who beat 77-year-old Gordon with a brick, or large rock, on August 15.

The juvenile was charged as an adult for the crime, but a Clarksdale judge lowered his bond on August 31, and he was quickly back on the streets.

"That could have been anybody's child and I don't want that happening to anybody else," said Bolden. "He needs to be locked up, where he is at now."

Bolden said the teenager grabbed her son from a sidewalk at her apartment complex and put his hand over the little boy's mouth, then drug him across a yard behind a building.

"He said he picked him up by his legs and was slamming him on the ground on his head," she said.

Bolden said Marcus pretended he was dead to make the beating stop.

When the boy stumbled back home, she called police.

The teenager is now in the Tunica County Jail.

We spoke to his step mother, who lives in the same apartment complex as Bolden.

She said the Clarksdale teen was in Tunica visiting her.

She also told us she has no idea how the teen could do such violent things to an elderly woman and a four-year-old boy.

 "It was evil and low down," said Bolden.  " I don't even have a reason. Why would he do that to him? A four-year-old? He's only a child. Only a baby."