Memphis NAACP On Voter ID

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(Memphis) Early voting is underway and so are extended hours at the Memphis branch of the NAACP. 

They want to make sure if people have problems at the polls, they are available to help.

"This is a very important election," says Warner Dickerson, President of the Memphis Branch of the NAACP. 

He says the November election may well be one the most important since the Civil and Voting Rights Movements.

The main reason is the new voter identification requirement to cast a ballot.

"There is no evidence of fraud. If there is no evidence of fraud, then it is apparent to all of us that there is an intention to prevent or discourage certain folks from voting," says Dickerson.

He says those folks are minorities and seniors.

It's why the NAACP office  has become an information center where people can call for help on voting locations, filling out provisional ballots and making sure restored voting rights for felons aren't mishandled.

But those who back the voter identification say it's needed to keep down election fraud and people voting in other people's name.

We asked voters their thoughts.

"When you add another line or another thing that they have got to do,  that may keep some people from voting. So I don't like a lot of i.d. and all of that," says voter Cozette Garrett.

"I think it's an effort to disenfranchise voters also," says voter Jerry Whitt.

The NAACP expects issues to arise until  election day, things like robo calls giving voters wrong information and people violating distance laws at polling sites.
"The intensity of this election is higher than any  during my lifetime," says Dickerson, "We are gonna prepare for the worse scenario."