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Teens Arrested for Bringing Loaded Gun to School

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(Memphis) Police say a student from Hamilton High School brought a stolen, loaded hand gun to school to solve an argument with another student.

Police say it was Hamilton High School Senior Tretavious Jackson, or it could have been his friend from Southwest Prep.

They blamed it on each other.

Either way, they are both in custody.

Police say one of them dropped a loaded handgun on the ground at the school when they were called into the principal's office for acting suspiciously.

Police say Jackson admitted that his friend from Southwest Prep came to the campus to help him in a fight with other Hamilton students.

"You shouldn't have to be afraid to come to school!" said Lynell Baker, a 1985 Hamilton High Graduate

Baker says the incident highlights why she didn't send her two daughters to Hamilton.

 "I knew how gang-polluted it had gotten," she said.

Memphis City Schools says all of its high schools are equipped with metal detectors that scan students as they walk in, but some of the students say that`s not enough to keep guns off the property.

"Other doors and stuff," said Haywood Ward, a student.  "They don`t secure the other doors."

Memphis City Schools says all high school students are required to wear photo ID badges  but students we talked to say that's not happening at Hamilton.

"You wear a badge to school?" asked Reporter Sabrina Hall.

"No," said Senior Broderick Ware.

"Are you supposed to?" asked Hall.

 "Honestly, I have no idea because no one wears their badges to school," he said.

That could possibly explain why a student from Southwest Prep was caught on the property.

Memphis City Schools says both of those students are being recommended for expulsion because bringing a weapon to class is always strictly prohibited.