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Suspect Arrested After Shooting, Police Chase

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(Memphis) Memphis Police have a man in custody after they claimed he led officers on a chase Sunday afternoon.

Memphis Police were called to 3765 Wilshire before 2:00 Sunday afternoon. They claim the suspect, 37-year-old Mario Myers, shot a man at his ex-wife's home. The victim, Antoine David was taken to the Regional Medical Center where he is expected to recover from his injuries.

Police claim Myers took his daughter along with two other children from his ex's home and drove off.

"A Mt. Moriah station officer observed the vehicle in the area of Airways and Winchester. He got behind the vehicle and initially he just followed the vehicle. Then  a chase started," said Major Roderick Cunningham with Memphis Police.

Myers led police all the way downtown on Riverside Drive before stopping at Union and Third and surrendering peacefully.

"He was going, according to officers, around 50-60 miles per hour. It  was what we considered a pretty safe chase. The officers did a really great job in maintaining control and getting the suspect in custody," added Major Cunningham.

The three children were not harmed and were taken back to their parents.

"He’s facing multiple charges: some traffic charges, aggravated assault, possibly kidnapping and evading arrest," said Cunningham.