Family of Crump Crash Victims Hold Prayer Vigil

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(Memphis) A touching prayer service and vigil was held Saturday in honor of two victims who died in a car wreck involving a Memphis police officer.

The accident happened at a three-way intersection where Crump Blvd.  meets Georgia ave. and Walnut street.

Police say the officer involved was on his way to a call, but eyewitnesses say there were no blue lights or siren on.

Six weeks later,  the Ross and Epps families are hoping to find comfort through prayer.

At a church service Saturday they read a statement from Mike Ross who's still recovering from spinal cord injuries.

Ross is one of two people who survived this crash that killed 13-year-old Mackala Ross and Dolois Epps.

"Mike said, 'tell the people to pray for me. Secondly, he said, 'I want to tell people to tell the truth."

After the service, the congregation was lead outside. Candles lit the mourners way through their darkest hour.

"You can't explain the type of people they were. They're absence really leaves a void in our family," Alisha Murphy said.

"A day doesn't go by that I don't think about it. Both of them," Dolois' sister, Letttie Murphy, said.

They find support in each other.

"It has been rough," Murphy said. "But with a lot of support we are making it through."

The roughest part, they say, is not having  answers about what caused the crash that took these precious lives.

"We're not hearing anything they are telling us anything," Mike Ross' sister, Verina Holts, said.

Their attorney says they hope answers are on the way, but understand investigations take time.

"No one can be arrested until the investigation is complete, and we don't know if anyone will be arrested," Attorney Peggy Golden said. "But, whatever happens we're just praying for the best."