Soulsville Students Go to V.P. Debate

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(Memphis) – Some of them are not even old enough to vote, but 20 students from the Soulsville Charter School got an up close and personal look at the election process.

“It`s a really excellent opportunity,” student Adrian Williams said.

Williams is one of the Memphis students who were in the audience when Vice President Joe Biden and GOP Vice Presidential nominee Paul Ryan offered their perspectives on the nation’s future.

They got to attend the debate because they’re the top 20 performing students in their class.

“It’s kind of surreal. Just to be part of history it’s kind of amazing,” Ulyssa Hampton said.

Right before the debate began we spoke with three students by phone who said they were thrilled to be there.

“There’s a lot of energy,” student, Keosha Stuart, said.

Debate preparations were happening all around them.

“Now I actually appreciate all that goes along with a debate,” Ashley Butler said.

They say they hoped to hear answers about a variety of issues, but their most important education.

“I want to hear how they are going to help the middle class students to pay for college,” student, Ulyssa Hampton, said.

“I’m excited for them to talk about college tuition,” Butler added.

While some students will be able to vote by November, they aren’t sure who they’ll pick.

But seeing the election process front and center has given them a new appreciation for the process.

“It has really made me more interested in politics. I’m a really excited about being able to vote the next four years. So I’m really excited about being involved,” Butler said.

The students will return to Memphis tomorrow.

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