Parents Upset They Weren’t Notified About Attack Near School

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(Memphis) Kendra Williams is one of many parents who said she was in the dark about an attack near her child's school.  

Monday, two young girls from Vollentine Elementary were forced into the woods at knife point by a registered sex offender.

Leviticus Johnson reportedly unzipped one of the girl's pants and told her he wanted to see if she was a boy or a girl.

Police caught the man and Memphis City Schools notified all parents at Vollentine Elementary of the attack.  

There are other schools within the same neighborhood.

Students walk home down this same street and their parents say they knew nothing until they saw the story on our newscast.

“There are a lot of kids, girls, teenage girls young girls that go to school near that walk. We see them every day it would have been some helpful information," said one parent.

A spokeswoman for Memphis City Schools said Johnson was caught quickly and was no longer a threat, so they didn't see the need to notify other schools.

They say if he wasn't caught, they would have notified everyone.