Memphis Sex Trafficker To Be Sentenced

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(Memphis) A convicted pimp apologized to one of her victims in court. 

Kala Bray is awaiting her sentencing for coercing two minors into prostitution and pimping them out on a sex trafficking website. 

Bray did face a maximum of life in prison, but a federal judge has said he will go easy on her because she has been helpful during the investigation. 

Judge Hardy Mays says he will sentence Bray Thursday, but Wednesday in court he said he is likely to sentence her to between fourteen to seventeen and a half years with a minimum of five years supervised probation. 

Bray plead guilty to pimping out two minor girls during a trip to Houston last year. 

One of the victims took the stand and said she and the other victim were zombified the entire time they were in Houston, because of drugs and forced to perform sex acts for money. 

Judge Mays allowed Bray to speak  after the victim so she could apologize to her. 

She said she never meant to hurt her and was 'really messed up at the time.'

Bray admits to selling the girls, who believed they were her friends, on a website.