Memphis Fire Department Teaches Fire Prevention

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(Memphis) Each year, an average of 16 people die in residential fires in the City of Memphis.

So far this year, there have been 12 deaths.

Fire Director Alvin Benson believes those deaths were preventable, "It increases your chance of getting out by at least 50% when you have something as simple as a working smoke detector."

The Memphis Fire Department is using their annual Fire Prevention Week to reach out to high risk groups.

Wednesday, they hosted hearing impaired children from White Station.

The school installed strobe lights to alert the children, who can not hear the alarms, of a fire.

They also have two-part smoke detectors for their home.

"There is a vibrator for the bed that goes under and it’s connected with the smoke alarms. When the smoke alarms goes off, then the bed will vibrate," said Teresa Wilson from Deaf Connect Mid-South.

Memphis Fire Stations are open to the public until October 13, 2012 from 10 am to 7 pm each day.

Anyone can stop by and apply for a free smoke detector.