First Responders Get Free Flu Shots, Public next

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(Southaven, MS) Flu season is almost upon us and doctors are already advising us to get our flu shots as soon as possible to stay healthy through the holidays.

Southaven firefighter Kellen Chalmers knows he’s likely to run into just about anything on his job, including germs that can make him sick,”Yeah, when we go to medical calls and things like that we run into people who have the flu. Obviously don’t want to catch it from somebody."

That’s why he, and others in his engine company showed up at Baptist DeSoto Hospital for free flu shots.

Experts here say it’s to keep those who keep us alive, healthy.

”Wanna make sure we keep our healthcare workers very healthy We’re also as healthcare workers at risk for influenza,” said Amy Kirby of Baptist DeSoto.

And it’s not just healthcare workers, experts say anybody who’s out in the public a lot definitely needs a flu shot.

In fact, on October 15th, Baptist DeSoto will offer free flu shots to anyone age 18 and over from 3 to 8pm.

It’s something lots of people take advantage of, and organizers expect bigger crowds this year.

”Well, last year we gave over 11-hundred immunizations so we, hopefully more, hopefully more,” said Kirby.

And Kellen Chalmers says, the more the better, and healthier ”So, to take the preventive measures usually helps”.

The free flu shots next Monday don’t include any charge or co-pay.

All you have to do, is show up.