Found Cordova Mom Wanted to be ‘Off the Grid’

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(Millington, TN) Uylanda Holliman and her two-year old son Nickolas had been missing for three days when her family got the call for which they were waiting. 

Workers at Tractor Supply in Millington called police because they noticed Holliman's car had been parked behind their building the past few nights. 

When police got there Holliman told them she had been sleeping in the car with her son.

“She appeared to be OK, but she did say that she just had to get away,” said Millington Police Chief Rita Stanback.

Millington Police made sure it was Holliman then called the thirty-seven year old`s parents to come get her. 

Chief Stanback says they were all on alert for Holliman because they knew she was missing, but didn't think she would actually show up in Millington.

Holliman and her son were last seen at her house on Valley Glen Drive in Cordova last Friday night. 

Her younger sister was staying with her but couldn't find them when she woke up Saturday. 

Holliman's family was especially alarmed because she left her cell phone behind and her fifteen year old daughter at her father`s house.

When she was eventually found, she was in a car behind the supply store with no gas.

“It has happened before where people just want to get out of sight and park. So it's not uncommon for people to do that,” said Chief Stanback.

We don`t know what Holliman was trying to get away from, but Memphis police, who investigated her as a missing persons, say they do not suspect it is related to domestic violence. 

News Channel 3 tried to talk to Holliman to see why she wanted to fall off the grid and hide from her family, but she never answered the door.