City-Run Internet Logging Off

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(Southaven, MS) Only about 5 to 6-hundred Southaven residents use the City’s internet service, Magnolia Wave.

Competition in Southaven has become so keen, most people, like Martha Sneed have another provider, ”I like Comcast, I mean, you know, it’s the only thing I know."

And that’s the problem, without more subscribers, Southaven leaders say it would be hard to upgrade the service to compete with speed and price.

”The private sector has been able to surpass us in technology with investments they can make with a nationwide type corporation and the commitment to invest and upgrade to keep up with them is just nor financially feasible for the City at this time,” said Southaven Mayor Greg Davis.

Ten years ago, the city was among the first in the country to provide municipal internet service, and upgraded its service about FIVE years ago, but Aldermen noW say it’s time to log off.

Southaven actually stands to make money by shutting Magnolia Wave down, because it won’t have to pay monthly fees to the utility company to rent space on their poles for equipment.

The City will give customers 3 or 4 months to find other providers, customers that include even top city officials.

”And I’m on Magnolia Wave, so I’m looking for a different provider at this point," Davis explained.

Southaven residents say that’s too bad, ”I’d say, you know, keep it up,” Sneed said.

Southaven will still maintain a minimal network to monitor water wells and other utilities, but around the end of the year, the City’s internet experiment will be all but finished.