DeSoto Supervisors Clarify Park Gun Policy

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(Hernando, MS) We told you a couple of weeks ago DeSoto County was considering rules to regulate gun possession in County parks and greenways.

Response has been so big since word got out, that Supervisors took the very unusual step today to clear the air about what they call misconceptions about what they want to do.

Board President Jessie Medlin says the bottom line is simple, "We’re not trying to take people’s guns from them."

Firearms were previously not allowed at County park facilities, but as you can see from this sign full of holes, few people took notice.

That concerned people like John Delaney, ”Somebody’s grandmother may be out there. You know, hunting clubs even have rules believe it or not."

Medlin says with an expansion of County parks underway, the board needed to set rules for guns, ”We’ve just got started getting walking trails and greenways organized in the County."

The proposed rules would simply mirror state law, and allow anyone with a concealed weapon permit with an enhanced endorsement to carry a gun.

The endorsement includes a gun class stressing self-defense and training in when its proper to use deadly force.

Medlin says too many people confused it with a years-old proposal to regulate guns in the County, ”Before, we were talking about having an ordinance where you couldn’t discharge a firearm in a certain size lot or piece of property."

Medlin says it didn’t pass then and in no way resembles what the Board is doing now.

Delaney says he’s glad for the reassurance, ”I can’t see why a permit holder can’t carry his weapon underneath his shirt, concealed."

The public will get a chance to tell Supervisors what they think at a public hearing next Monday, October 10th.