Arkansas Republican on Slavery: “Blessing in Disguise”

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(Jonesboro, AR) Voters in Jonesboro are talking about comments from a book written by one of their state representatives.

Representative Jon Hubbard’s book, “Letters to the Editor: Confessions of  a Frustrated Conservative,” was self published in 2009.

However it’s now grabbing the attention of many because of a comment in the book where Hubbard wrote, ” slavery just might have been a blessing in disguise.”

“… even while in the throes of slavery, their lives as Americans are likely much better than they ever would have enjoyed living in sub-Saharan Africa… Knowing what we know today about life on the African continent, would an existence spent in slavery have been any crueler than a life spent in sub-Saharan Africa?” 

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“It is not a blessing. Nobody deserves to be treated like a slave whether you are black, blue, purple, orange whatever. Nobody deserves to be treated like a slave,” said black voter Tahara Jones.

Voter Pam Hatcher said, “I think slavery was awful.It was horrible and I think it’s a part of our life that we, as white Americans, regret terribly.” She went on to say, “one little quote and people are taken out of context all the time so you have to be careful.”

Arkansas GOP Chairman Doyle Webb released a statement about the comments over the weekend saying the comments, “were highly offensive to many Americans and do not reflect the viewpoints of the Republican Party of Arkansas. While we respect their right to freedom of expression and thought, we strongly disagree with those ideas.”

Hubbard is up for re-election in District 58. Hubbard did not reply to calls and emails Sunday.