Rescued Animals Adopted

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(Oakland, TN) More than 25 animals found in the home of a man hoarding animals in September were up for adoption Saturday.

Last month 168 animals were discovered inside a home in Moscow, Tennessee. 25 of those animals were dead. Most of the remaining animals were taken to shelters around the country. But the remainder stayed in Fayette county where they were found and where they could be adopted by those who have been following their story.

"I cried. I really did because it's not right. If you're going to have an animal take care of it," said Kay Gooch who explained she has followed the story of the animals for weeks.

William Parr who owned the animals is charged with 168 counts of animal cruelty and child abuse. His wife is also charged with child abuse.

Diane Robinson with The American Humane Association came in to help rescue the animals.

Robinson said it will take time for the animals to heal from their previous situation.

"It's not an instant. They're not going to move right into a home and settle in. It's going to be an adjustment for them to learn their environment," said Robinson.

Animals not adopted Saturday are going to be sent to shelters around the Mid-South.