Update: Mother Says Daughter Was Touched At School

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UPDATE: Per Memphis Police: MPD Sex Crimes investigators do have a case regarding the information below.

During the investigation it was determined that there was no inappropriate touching.

(Memphis) Police detectives converged at Ida B Wells Academy Thursday night. 

Parents were picking up their children after hearing something one mother said turned her stomach.

 We're not revealing any names but are sharing the allegation, so other parents can be aware. 

It was lunch time and students changing classes in the hall when according to one of the parents a teacher saw something happen to one little girl.

We spoke to her.

“I was walking away from the locker and he was coming toward the kids that were playing and I moved my books so I wouldn't hit him and he touched me on my side”, she said.

“He” was a security guard contracted to work at the school.

The student described it as a graze, a lingering touch on her side.  

She didn't think that much of it, but parents said another teacher did and alerted the principal.

“If the teacher saw it and it looked inappropriate than it was inappropriate”, said one mother.   

“I've spoken with my daughter if something like this happens she shouldn't think twice to come forward with this type of information.”

School spokespeople said they've heard the allegations and police are investigating them. Parents say school leaders told them it wasn't an isolated event.

“It was at least four other little girls that reported him touching her in an inappropriate and an unsafe way.”