Mid-South Homeowners Prepare Homes For Chilly Temperatures

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(Memphis) Don’t let the warm weather of October fool you, Ruby Austin has her mind focused on the possibility of the Mid-South’s first chilly dose of weather that could try to invade her home this weekend, “We want them to check the heater to make sure we’re ready to go.”

Temperatures are expected to drop as low as the 40’s this weekend.

That’s why Austin and other homeowners are already making sure their heating systems are properly working when colder weather makes its return, “I want to stay warm and I want it to stay where it will work properly when it comes on.”           

Home ventilation, air conditioning service crews are answering the calls of homeowners wanting their furnaces inspected.

John Conway, general manager at Conway Services, “Well, this time of year your heating system has not been lit all summer and sometimes as far back as March since the heating system has run.”           

Inspections such as these also search for bird nests, rusted pipes and carbon monoxide, “We check the heating system, we check the burners to make sure they don’t have rust in them and we’ll run a carbon monoxide test on them on your heating system.”

They are important steps to keep your family safe and keep colder temperatures out of your home.

“If you don’t maintain it, it’s kind of like a car, it will let you down and we’ve found it’ll let you down on those cold nights, ” Conway said.