Family Involved In “Noose” Incident Plans to Press Charges

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(Wynne, AR) There was anger in Wynne, AR after the school board decided to expel two students for a semester, instead of an entire year.

“I refuse to accept this. It's not right,” said the mother of the boy, who allegedly had a noose tied around his neck by fellow football players.

The victim’s family is now planning to press charges.

They say the school board did not do the situation justice and that's why the plan to ask police to do a full investigation.

“He is saying in there, nothing happened, it did happen!” exclaimed one of the angered parents in the parking lot outside the school board meeting.

“Nothing took place that could be considered criminal and no student was physically injured,” said Wynne Public Schools Superintendent Carl Easley in the meeting.

Parents stormed outside, furious that the two students accused of tying a noose around another boy's neck were getting less punishment than expected.

“That was a board decision, that was not my decision,” said Easley.

Easley says he recommended the students get expelled for the entire year but the board decided a semester would suffice. 

Thursday, the family of the victim says criminal charges are what is going to come next.

“Any time you tie a noose and put it around somebody's neck, that's a crime in itself,” said Tresha Light, the victim’s aunt.

In fact, Light calls it a hate crime. She says the family plans to file those charges with the Wynne Police Department.

So far, the department has yet to investigate the incident itself. It left it up to Wynne Public School officials to do.

Even though he promised the full truth would come out at last night's board meeting, the superintendent still won't say exactly what happened.

“The students have a right to privacy,” he said.

Easley will only say that no student was ever "pulled by a rope".

Light says that what she knows happened to her nephew is enough to be considered a hate crime, “One of the boys grabbed him from behind, the other picked him up and put the rope on his neck.”

The superintendent says the boys accused in this incident have apologized to the community and he believes it is time for the community to put this behind it and move on.