Horn Lake, MS Charge Man In Brutal Stabbing Death

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(Horn Lake, MS) A Horn Lake, Mississippi man was brutally stabbed to death.

A man who used to work for him is behind bars for the crime and Horn Lake Police say it was all over money.

Wednesday night, Lisa Davis was sitting on her porch in Horn Lake, talking on her cell phone.

She says the evening suddenly went from peaceful to chaotic, "I heard the lady scream, 'please help me, please help me.' And I pulled the phone away from my ear to find out what was going on and then the next thing I know I seen the cops flying by."

Davis would soon learn that four houses down Briarwood Street, Jimmy Stewart lay dead inside his home, the victim of a savage knife attack.

Police say Stewart knew his attacker since high school and that Michael Thweatt, the man charged with murder, even worked for Stewart's home repair business.

Horn Lake Police Investigator Scott Evans says the crime boils down to one thing, "The suspect felt that the victim owed him a small amount of money."

Lt. Evans says police arrested Thweatt at the scene of the crime, but not before having to use a stun gun on him,

"The suspect was very combative. and had to be tased to be able to be taken into custody. He would not comply with the officers commands of getting on the ground."

Stewart's family members didn't want to talk on camera today.

They did say Stewart gave Thweatt a part-time job, but it "didn't work out".

Also that Stewart let him go and Thweatt came back demanding money.

Stewart reportedly left forty dollars in his mailbox for Thweatt, but the accused murderer took Stewart's life instead.

Officer Scott Evans says there's just no way to comprehend what happened Wednesday night, "To lose a family member over something so senseless. it just makes no sense."

Jimmy Stewart's death is the first homicide for Horn Lake Police in 2012.

His body has been sent to the state crime lab for an autopsy.