Food Stamp Fraud Costs Mississippi Millions

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(Horn Lake, MS) The North Mississippi Daily Journal says hundreds of people found a unique way to scam the state. 

They are selling their EBT card then report it lost or stolen. 

The state Department of Human Services says some families will request a replacement card five or six times.  One person asked for 17 new cards. 

The state says fraudulent food stamp recipients like these are costing you the tax payer, and Yvonne Smith says she doesn`t have time for people on food stamps who don`t need to be, “Well some people can work and they need to work, so I think the system needs to really crack down on making sure people that need it get it."

Smith says there are definitely people out there who need help, but as for those taking part in the scam, “They need to take their buts to work like me.”

So far over seventeen hundred people have been kicked out of the SNAP program for selling their cards costing tax payers 2.7 million dollars. 

“If you need them they`re there. You should get them,” said Ellen Duchenois.

She believes the scam reflects poorly on those who actually need assistance, and it`s time for a crackdown.

“I don't like that.  It's not right.  If you don`t get them.  You're taking food away from somebody else,” said Duchenois.

More Americans are on food stamps than ever before, and nearly one in four people in Mississippi use an EBT card.