DeSoto Bears Down On Beavers

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(DeSoto County) Most of us don’t consider beavers to be a big problem in urban areas, but in DeSoto County, they’re blamed for everything from road flooding to sewer problems.

This year, in some parts of the U.S., beavers have even attacked people.

That’s what happened to an 83-year-old woman in Fairfax County, Virginia.

A beaver, later found to have rabies, attacked the woman for nearly 20 minutes before help arrived.

”Beavers usually don’t want anything to do with you, when you encounter them, they swim the other way” said a neighbor of the woman.

But that’s not the only attack this year.

Attacks have taken place this past summer in Pennsylvania and New York state.

”You wouldn’t think you’d be attacked" "I’m surprised they’re that aggressive,” is what most people had to say.

That’s why DeSoto County is taking its beaver program so seriously.

DeSoto leaders want to hire someone to get rid of problem beavers.

”This would be one of his duties to have experience in trapping beavers and going out and looking for problems we’ve got,” said Road Manager Andy Swims who wants someone in place before someone in DeSoto gets attacked. ”We’re hoping to have somebody probably in the next month."

In the past, County Supervisors have offered a bounty for beaver tails, but believe these days it’s best to get an expert to trap the animals and stay on top of problem areas.