School Bus Driver Off Job After Rant

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(Horn Lake, MS) A school bus driver is off the job after apparently going off on students.

We’re told the incident began with a pencil fight on a rowdy bus ride home for students from Horn Lake Middle.

It ended with several students having to walk as much as a mile home, and parents fuming.

Catherine McSwain couldn’t believe it when she learned what happened, ”First thing my son said as he walked through the door, he says, ‘Mom you wouldn’t believe, the bus driver cussed the children out and made them all get off the bus’."

We’re told a rowdier than usual bus ride got worse, just a few miles down the road from the school.

The commotion on the bus reportedly got so bad, witnesses said the bus driver lost his temper, started yelling and stopped the bus here at the corner of Horn Lake and Nail Roads.

The driver, apparently realized their mistake and turned around, but only to pick up a few of the children.

But that didn’t fly with DeSoto County School authorities.

The district said in a statement:

Drivers are trained to safely transport students to and from schools.
Having students exit a bus before their assigned stop is not an option.
The driver is no longer employed by DeSoto County Schools.

Parents say they realize students have a responsibility to not distract the driver, and McSwain said her son knows that, ”I told my son yesterday when he was made to get off the bus he better not have been one of the ones that were saying things and mumbling under their breath about the bus driver”.

And even though we’re told the bus driver had put up with a lot since the beginning of the school year, both parents and school leaders say this driver crossed the line.

Because she says there’s no excuse for putting children’s safety at risk.