Vaccination Clinic Helps Many Families and Their Pets

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(Memphis) Memphis Animal Services helped hundreds of pet owners, by hosting a vaccination clinic Saturday.

10-year-old Hank did not like getting vaccinated Saturday, but owner Dan Garber says, it just had to get done.

 "He`s kind of like my kid. My wife and I don`t have kids. We have a dog. To keep him healthy is the most important thing in our lives," said Garber.

At just eight bucks for each shot, Hank and about 270 other animals received vaccinations to help ward off many diseases animals can come across, like rabies.  

" Everything is so expensive these days. Where I can save money, it's great," said Garber.

Same goes for Thaddeus Hubbard and  his 2-year-old Rottweiler, Princess.

"I took her to the vet. They wanted 100 dollars just to see her. I didn`t want to pay that much," said Hubbard.

So for more than a year, Hubbard didn't.

" I had been putting them off for a while, because I didn`t want to pay the price," said Hubbard.

Until he heard Memphis Animal Services would help keep his pup healthy and strong at just a fraction of the price.

"She got all three shots," exclaimed Hubbard.

 You got to do these very year," said Tracy Dunlap with Memphis Animal Services.

According to Dunlap, the city chose to help out families in the struggling economy, and its help that's greatly needed in the city.

"A lot of times people will turn in their animals because they are sick and they may not be able to take care of them.  If we can keep the animals from getting sick, that keeps them off the streets and out of our building," expressed Dunlap.

Dunlap says Memphis Animal Services will more than likely do another vaccination clinic in the near future. Which is good news for Hubbard. He might have saved on Hank`s shots, but the German Shepard,  Lab mix still has to eat.

"About 40 dollars every two weeks on this dog," said Hubbard.