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Officer and Teen’s Background Examined After Shooting

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(Memphis) The pictures say so much about Justin Thompson. 

He's seen smoking, flashing wads of cash, and talks a lot about "dope" on his page on the social media site Facebook. 

What does it mean?  Why did this teen cross paths with Officer Terrance Shaw?

For Shaw it's not the pictures but the paperwork, three internal affairs incidents in just three years.

Somehow these two young men wound up in the same place and Thompson is dead.

Memphis' mayor A C Wharton wants to know why police are being so tight lipped about the case.

“Some of these policies were there when I got there. We want to look at them.” Wharton said.

Investigators are also looking at a shooting in 2009. Officer Shaw shot at a man after a traffic stop, he died. One year earlier he opened fire on two pit bulls. And in a third case last year a Shaw shot and killed a dog. In each case Shaw's shots were justified by internal affairs.

Despite criticism he's meddling with police Mayor Wharton says he is just trying to get answers.

“I'm about keeping the streets safe, not politics”, said Wharton.