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Father of ‘Alcohol Enema’ UT Student Claims Police Reports False

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(Memphis) The father of the UT Knoxville student from Memphis who allegedly got alcohol poisoning from an alcohol enema says the allegations aren't true.

He claims he has two affidavits from Alexander's Pi Kappa Alpha fraternity brothers showing Knoxville police officers made it up and were aggressive with witnesses.

"[Officers] are the ones who thought of alcohol enemas. They were the ones who asked if that was what was going on,” said Mark. “This young man said, 'No that was not what was going on' and I have affidavits supporting their view."

The case got national attention after the 20-year-old was taken to the hospital where his blood alcohol level was at .40, five times the legal limit.

The student's father says there are questions about how his son got that drunk.

"People ask, 'Why would the Knoxville police say that?' I have no idea. Maybe they don't like college kids, maybe they don't like frat kids, maybe they've watched Jackass (the movie) or maybe they're lazy,” Mark said. “I don't know."

News Channel 3 has not seen those affidavits. Broughton claims he is waiting on more information before he'll release them. He says, then, it will prove his son was not taking alcohol enemas.

"What they were doing that night is part of my statement,” Mark added. “It was drama and a stupid decision, but it has nothing to do with alcohol enemas and that is what my son is furious about. He’ll take responsibility for the bone-headed decision he made, but not for slander."

The investigation has been taken over by campus police.  They said they stand behind the work of their officers and chose not to comment on the father’s claims. A University of Tennessee spokesperson says a full report will be available soon.

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