Tipton County Murder Suspect Grew Up With Victim

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(Tipton County, TN)  The murder of a teenager in Tipton County has shocked the Charleston community.

Many of them are trying to find answers to why the lives of two kids who grew up together ended in a violent murder.

“He was an inspiring person,” said Chris Dowell, the murder victim’s uncle. “He and I had a real togetherness.”

Dowell says he and his family are grieving the sudden loss of his nephew, 18 year old James Jones, Jr, but known to them as, Junior.

“The family is hurting and we're just trying to deal with it the best way we can,” he said.

21-year old Daniel Farrow is charged with First Degree Murder in the death of Jones. The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation says he shot Jones in the head, placed him the passenger seat of Jones car, and then dumped his body in a field just off of Lindsey road. He then abandoned the car.

Sadly enough, the two were distant cousins by marriage, grew up together and were neighbors.

“Really when you saw junior you saw those two,” said Dowell. “We stay right next door together. I would have never suspected that.”

No one knows yet why it happened. Dowell hopes the details will come, but he said both families won't let the murder ruin the closeness they share.

“There will be no retaliation,” said Dowell. “We're praying for his family and we're praying for Daniel as well.”

The family says they've begun funeral arrangements for Junior. As for Farrow, a First Degree Murder charge means he will not be given bond. He is due in court on Oct. 1st at 9:00am.