Woman Says Chemical Explosion Made Her Sick

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(Memphis) Two Penn A Kem workers remain hospitalized after being badly burned in a chemical explosion Monday.

Neighbors of the plant say the workers aren't the only victims.

Fire officials assured the public there was no health risk after the explosion, but at least one woman says she's been dealing with health issues ever since.

"My eyes were burning. I called my doctor because my head was hurting, I had pains in my chest, I was getting light-headed," said Mia Peete.

Peete made it through the day, but when she began feeling sick again, she went to the emergency room where she was treated for chemical inhalation.

Specifically, for exposure to furfurylamine, one of two chemicals involved in the explosion.

"They did a chest x-ray and that's when they found the chemical inhalation. They administered like three drugs intravenously and they gave me a breathing treatment," said Peete.

Fire officials say as far as they know, the chemicals in the explosion were confined to the plant, and saw no need Monday to evacuate any homes nearby.

They say so far, they have not received any complaints from the public.

Peete had her house checked for a gas leak to see if that was what was making her sick.

MLGW did find a possible leak in her line, but found no gas inside her house.

Peete's main concern now is living so close to a plant she no longer feels is safe.

Monday, Penn A Kem apologized to the local community for any inconvenience that may have occurred and said there was no higher priority than protecting employees and the community.