Woman Charged With Stalking Memphis Police Officer

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(Memphis) Reports of sugar in a gas tank and several unwanted texts have landed a woman behind bars.

Police say Lakavious Jones threatened and harassed an ex-lover who happens to be a Memphis police officer.

Jones was released from jail Tuesday on bond, charged with stalking and vandalism.

By phone, her mother said the charges were bogus.

25-year-old Lakavious Jones didn't answer our knocks at her door Tuesday.

She just peeped out from behind her blinds.

According to police records, in a series of text messages she stalked and threatened a Memphis police officer for hiding and ignoring her.

The same thing she did to us.   

Police records show Jones dated the officer in the past, but she recently started sending harassing text messages to him and his current girlfriend. 

In one of the texts, police say she threatened to talk to his Lieutenant at the Northeast precinct and have him pulled off the streets.

"He needs to stay away from crazy women," said Dwayne Mitchell.

"It could be anybody, not just an officer. It could be me. It could happen to anyone on the streets," said Morris Malone.

The report says Jones even poured sugar in the officer's gas tank.

The officer had to cough up more than $800 to fix the damage to his personal car.  

"I feel that's absurd that he should have to spend that because of her actions. He should take her to court and sue her," said Mitchell.

 Malone feels if Jones is guilty, she should get whatever  punishment a Shelby County judge hands down, "If you are brave enough to do that, you need to suffer the consequences that go with it."

Jones is expected to appear before a judge Wednesday morning.