Tunica Fire Department Getting By On Less

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(Tunica, MS) The recession hit property values hard and that’s had an impact on the amount of taxes local governments get and services they provide.

Tunica County is no different.

Property values are down and so are tax collections.

County Supervisors have raised taxes and cut expenses, but some things had to get by on less, even the Tunica Fire Department.

The good news is, the town of Tunica has paid in full, the money volunteers get for responding to fires, and hasn’t cut operational money.

”The operational part of the fire department will remain intact with the ability to respond to multiple calls at one time inside the town and in the County. The thing it will slow down is the purchase of new equipment,” said Tunica Mayor Chuck Cariker.

The Tunica Volunteer Fire Department answers calls in two-thirds of the County, while a separate North Tunica District answers calls in the resort area.

The money cuts will mean new equipment purchases may have to wait, but the Mayor says Firefighters will always respond in an emergency, ”Operationally, to the residents in the Town and the County there will not be decrease or any falter in the fire protection that they get”.

The two departments have mutual aid agreements to help each other if needed, and that will not change.