Mayor Unhappy With Aspects of MPD, Armstrong Responds.

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(MEMPHIS) Shirley Thompson is the latest Memphis resident who lost a loved one and blames Memphis police.

“For this man to take my son, something needs to be done”, said Thompson.

   Her son Justin was only 15 years old when he was somehow shot by an off duty officer. The teen’s Facebook page talks about going to make money, in a post minutes before he was shot by the officer, and the police department won’t say why the officer pulled the trigger.

“This is an ongoing investigation when we can release those facts, we'll get them to you,” said Police Director Toney Armstrong.

     It's a line Memphis police use all the time and for mayor A C Wharton it's one of his last straws.

“I have to stand here knowing what I know but there are procedures out there where I can't say what I know. That perplexes me.

     The mayor says it's a policy he wants examined.  In fact, it's one of many including, internal affairs, hiring, discipline, public relations, and inexperience.

“We have officers at a youthful age, they are not ready, qualified for police work”, said Wharton.

  Armstrong watched as the mayor detailed problems in city government, particularly MPD, that require outside help to make the department in the mayor's words, acceptable.

“It's disappointing for the mayor to perceive the department in an unacceptable state.  We work extremely hard to get public’s trust, confidence”, said Armstrong