Accused Animal Hoarder Once Ran for Mayor

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(Fayette County, TN) There's new information about the man accused of hoarding 168 animals in his house.

It turns out, Animal Control almost busted William Parr years ago when he lived in Collierville.

"They were basically quiet people who stayed unto themselves," said Matt Crutchfield, a former neighbor.

"They left the house pretty much the way it was," said Greg Akin, who lives across the street from the home which is now in disrepair.

Collierville Amimal Control says the Parr family took-off in 2004, when investigators wanted to see inside their home.

Animal Control suspected the Parr family had 50 to 70 animals back then, but before investigators could find out, the family picked-up and moved to Moscow, TN.

"They just evacuated," said Akin.

Over the last eight years, authorities say Parr collected many more "pets": dogs, cats and other creatures he kept in cages, some of them dead.

The news has been shocking to many in Collierville because Parr's mother Elizabeth had been a prominent member of the city.

She died last year at 103.

Her husband had been a dentist and their son, the man accused of hoarding, even ran for Collierville mayor in 1999.

Now, he's facing 168 counts of animal cruelty.

In the meantime, eleven people with the American Humane Association have flown into Fayette county from the around the country to take care of the recovering animals.

"They are starting to really come around and be excited to come outside, eat, and see people," said Diane Robinson, a training manager for the American Humane Association.

The animals, that authorities say were once covered with feces, are now getting 24-hour  medical attention, food, water and special care in hopes that one day they can be adopted to loving homes.

If you would like to make a donation to help out the animals, remember a lot of them don’t have teeth because of neglect so the best thing you can donate is grounded wet dog food or money. 

You can drop it off at the Hollywood Feed in Oakland, TN or any Hollywood Feed Store