Roaches Take Over Hickory Hill Apartment Complex

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(Memphis) – Cockroaches have taken over several apartment homes in a Hickory Hill complex.

Vonsha Harris is one of the residents and she is fed up, “I mean it was bad when I first got here, but it’s just accumulating to be too much.”

Harris believes no one should have to live like that. She claims management at the Hickory Farm Apartments is not doing enough to get rid of the roaches.

“I'm not going to say that they don't care,” said Harris. “I'm going to say they don't realize the problem that they have.”

Roaches have taken over in Jamara Grant's apartment. They've been wearing bags on their heads because they say roaches fall from the ceiling. Grant believes apartment management does not care. The problem has gotten so bad here that she's basically moved her family out. She withheld September’s rent because of it.

“What's the point of me paying rent if me and my kids can't stay here,” she said.

Grant tried to treat the problem herself, but got nowhere. She said the apartment has a list for people who need weekly pest control.

“I actually stopped going up there, telling them to put me on spray list because it seemed like spray list wasn't helping,” she said.

Grant wants the apartment to deal with the problem or she wants out.

“They don't take care of the needs that we need, but they always want rent,” she said. “If they could just clean up and do what they’re supposed to do, the apartments would be some good apartments. It's just the bugs.”

Grant has to go to court for not paying September's rent. The Hickory Farms Offices are closed on Sundays and no calls were not returned.