168 Animals Recovered From Fayette County Home

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(Memphis) Those who've been inside say it was a house of horrors for 168 animals.

Things so bad, Animal Rescue Worker and Vet Jennifer Dunlap found it difficult to even talk about.

"It was tough," she said.

She says dogs, cats, birds, lizards, gerbils, ferrets, rabbits, and mice all lived trapped in the Moscow home, living in their own urine and feces. "The cages were too heavy to lift they were so full of feces," said Dunlap

She says 25 of the animals were dead when rescue workers got there. And the ones that survived were badly dehydrated. Some needed surgery.

"We have a lot of animals that are wobbly when they walk. They have not been out of these cages for a long period of time. Their toe nails are twisted together. Some of them have no idea what it means to be outside. The light bothers their eyes. There was one room where a lot of animals were in the dark," she said.

The man and woman who live in the house are now facing animal cruelty charges. We're told authorities even took away two of their teenage children based on what they saw.

"You didn't know what was going on over there?" asked Reporter Sabrina Hall.

"No," said Neighbor Jeff Updegraff.

Updegraff says the family was very polite and sweet but have definitely kept to themselves, secluded on a seven acre lot at the end of the country road.

Dunlap says their animals are now in a temporary shelter being cared for by the people who came to their rescue, "Pretty much guaranteeing they will never have to be in this situation again."