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South Memphis Residents Upset Over Garbage Juice

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(Memphis) Stanley Armor says when the city garbage truck comes to collect trash on Thursdays on his South Memphis street, the truck leaves behind solid and liquid waste.

“I’ve picked up nails. I’ve picked up plastic. I’ve picked up glass. And sometimes when I’ve come up here and they’ve had spillage out here while I’m watering my lawn. I’ve even took my water hose to clean it up,” said Armor.

News Channel 3 found a trail of juice and food items left behind by the trucks.

We first addressed the garbage juice issue in February with the City of Memphis.

On Your Side Investigators tested the liquid and found it contained bacteria like staph and Listeria.

Director of City Waste Andy Ashford said the juice was the result of a missing plug on the trucks, “It gives it a release for that stuff to come out. It’s minimal. It runs out and it’s got to go somewhere.”

Mary Cashiola with the City of Memphis said that residents could call the Mayor’s Citizen Service Center and have the truck that comes through their neighborhood plugged if they were concerned.

Armor said he called but didn’t get the answer he expected, “I asked her does the Mayor actually view the concerns that are called in there and she says no. She says he doesn’t see those.”

Cashiola also told News Channel 3 by email, “Garbage trucks are not designed to be airtight or leak-proof.” “One thing citizens can do to help us avoid this liquid on the streets is to not throw liquids into the trash and additionally encourage their neighbors likewise.”

To call the Mayor’s Citizens Service Center dial 901-576-6500.