Female Drivers Targeted in Horn Lake

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(Horn Lake, MS) Police are warning drivers to lock their doors, even if you are right by your car.

Thieves are taking advantage of female drivers, right in front of them.

Police say the problem is, while most people are pumping their gas, they aren't paying much attention to what`s going on around them. 

It may be the smallest thing that makes you a victim.

"My truck was locked and I went in to get some milk. I had already pumped my gas," said victim Beverly Dye.

When Dye walked out of a Kroger in Horn Lake, she hit her key fob twice.

It unlocked all of her truck's doors.

"He told her she had a tire that was low. When she looked at it, he reached inside and got her purse out of her truck," said Lt. Scott Evans with the Horn Lake Police Department.

Just like that, and in her face, a burglar took advantage of Dye, " He was so fast, he got going."

Horn Lake Police say this keeps happening. Another woman was victimized the day before Dye. With the growing trend, police are staying on the lookout.

" We've even used some undercover cars, but you never know when they are going to hit," said Evans.

 Police are offering advice.

"Lock your doors. Put your purse on your shoulder," advised Evans.

"I'd rather have it in the car than on my shoulder and they knock me down," said driver, Linda Babb.

She is taking the officer's warning seriously, but hopes by just keeping her doors locked, she won`t be a victim.

Dye hopes others don't become a target like she did and hopes her burglar is caught.
She warns next time, she`ll be ready.

"I have a gun in my truck and a permit.  If I could have gotten to him, I would have used it," expressed Dye.