Detective Using Facebook To Catch Criminals

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(Memphis) There are tens of thousands of arrest warrants out in Shelby County.

The Sheriff's office believes social media sites like Facebook and Twitter are making it harder to fall off the grid, and they plan on taking advantage of it.

The sheriff’s office is hoping to make several arrests by posting mug shots and warrants to its Facebook page, hoping someone will know them and call in.

“There's a lot of pressure put on you when your picture is on the most popular social networking sites in the world. That automatically prompts a phone call from a friend or acquaintance,” said Chip Washington with the Shelby County Sheriff’s Office.

Washington and a detective operate the page, targeting specific zip codes in Shelby County.

Friday, they posted 170 warrants from Bartlett.

“By putting various zip codes on, which has become a pretty popular addition I think, helps us pin point and these individuals know we haven't for gotten about them,” said Williams.

Imagine being one of the near thirteen thousand people who like the page, then seeing your neighbor or a relative pop up on Facebook.

Warrants being posted range from murder to trespassing.

Tymiesha Somerville doesn't like the page, “I don't think they should be doing it. It's violating people's privacy I think."

The sheriff’s office also uses its Facebook page to promote upcoming community events.