Toxic Hair Treatments

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(Memphis)  Despite the fallout from the Brazilian Blowout and other keratin treatments, this method remains a popular option for many women. 

In fact, Consumer Report’s Shop Smart reports 75% of U.S. salons provided some type of hair straightening treatment in 2011.

Several months ago, WREG On Your Side Investigators asked beauty editors from Allure and Total whether such treatments were worth the save or splurge

There are several DIY kits on the market, but also a growing number of salon, straightening treatment systems that claim to be formaldehyde free. 

Women who use them enjoy the freedom of straight hair and low maintenance without chemicals. 

However, experts say women should continue use caution because often times, some treatments still contain ingredients that are aliases for formaldehyde such as methylene glycol and formic aldehyde. So what should you do?

OHSA keeps a list of those names and other information here

However, it’s critical to do your own homework and consult with your stylist about the product. 

Ask to see, or download the product’s material safety data sheet (MSDS) to see the ingredients.