Proposed Curfew For Teens In Cross County, Arkansas

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(Cross County, AR) Wynne, Arkansas is hoping to cut down on crime with a  proposed curfew.

It's not just being looked at for the town but for all of Cross County.

The reason so many people are in favor of it, too many kids committing crimes.

Cross County Judge Jack Caubble has already drawn up a county curfew, "We've had trouble with, gosh, anywhere from 6th-graders to up 18-year-olds."

Judge Caubble is concerned over the increasing number of juvenile crimes being committed in Cross County.

He's hoping a proposed curfew will pave the way for a county wide curfew aimed at youngsters who are wandering the streets, "Bicycle traffic, foot traffic that's been out late. And it was worse during the summer when school was out."

Wynne's city council has been looking into a curfew for almost two months.

Both the city and county ordinance would affect anyone under 18 and be in place between 10 pm and 5 am Sunday thru Thursday and 12 midnight Friday and Saturday.

Wynne Mayor Bob Stacy says both proposals are aimed at making parents more responsible, "We have a lot of kids out that just don't seem to be supervised. I hate to say that the city is going to take over the supervision role of the parents."

Melinda Melton is a Wynne mother who agrees there's too many youngsters on the streets for no reason, "They don't need to be out roaming the street or here and there."

Raysaard Hare believes a curfew will keep crime down and make the streets safer, "You know, people get out here during the night, riding in their car, they won't have to worry about burglaries or people trying to rob them and stuff like that."

Wynne's Mayor plans on getting the curfew into affect as soon as it's tweaked by the City Attorney,

"And the second Tuesday in October I fully believe we'll pass it. And we'll include an emergency clause this time to make it effective in October."

The Mayor says parents can be fined anywhere from $50 to $500 if their children are caught violating the curfew.

The towns of Parkin and Cherry Valley, both in Cross County, already have juvenile curfews in effect.