Police Need Help Identifying U of M Robbery Suspects

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(Memphis) – Surveillance photos show two men leaving the Carpenter dorms, after robbing a University of Memphis student on Tuesday.

“It’s supposed to be safe,” said Sophomore Adrian Osborne. “I don't see it being safe at all.”

Uneasy is how many University of Memphis students feel, following Tuesday's robbery in broad daylight.

But it’s not keeping Osborne from stepping out of his dorm to play some catch with a buddy.

“It doesn't bother me I'm not scared,” he said.

However, Osborne does hope someone can identify the two men police say put the campus on edge before they rob again. Both were caught on surveillance tape. One is wearing a white striped shirt and the other one had he striped hoodie.  

Anyone who might have seen them or know something is being asked to help get them off the streets.

“I encourage it because it’s one thing to happen to a male, but two suspects on a female, in my case, that's just not cool at all,” said Osborne.

Sophomore Chelsea Hudson added, “Me and my roommates, we just talked about kind of sticking together and make sure we watch each other’s back.”

Hudson received the campus-wide alert that went out after the robbery. For the last two days she's been much more cautious.

“I still have to go to class and get things done, so I can't think about it like that really,” she said. “I just have to be more aware about it.”

Osborne hopes a baseball is not the only thing being caught around the Carpenter dorms.

“Whoever did it, I just ask you to confess, because there are a lot of people out here worried,” he said.

Anyone with information on who those guys are, is urged to call the University of Memphis police at 901-678-HELP.