Memphis City Council Adopts Prayer Policy To Avoid Lawsuit

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(Memphis) The Memphis City Council has adopted a new policy for the invocations held before each council meeting.

The new policy will be printed on all meeting programs, making sure attendees understand they do not have to participate in the prayers during the convocation.

The policy also advises as to how groups can sign up to be apart of the invocation.

You can find the complete policy here: Prayer_Resolution-AJWv2

The Freedom From Religion Foundation said in August it was going to file a lawsuit against the city because of the prayers before council meetings.

After the policy was adopted last night, they say they will re-evaluate the decision.

“What we may have to do is see how it is put into action to know whether we will be able to declare this a compromise,” said FFRF Co-President Annie-Laurie Gaylor.

“We wish that they would drop prayer all together as many enlightened communities have done. Nobody ever misses the absence of prayer,” added Gaylor.

Councilman Myron Lowery said he has only had one person complain about the prayers during his years of service.

“We simply did not have any written rules until yesterday. So now we have a policy to go by, and if we are taken to court and we could be taken to court at anytime for anything, then we can show that we haveĀ  a written policy that guides our behavior in this area,” said Lowery.