Jerry Lawler Talks About Heart Attack For First Time

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(Memphis) Jerry “The King” Lawler is back and he’s talking to News Channel 3.

Lawler told us doctors told him minimal damage was done during his heart attack last week in Canada.

While there’s not a lot of damage to his heart, he says his memory of what happened has failed him.

He wrestled a match just minutes before he passed out and Lawler says he doesn’t remember even being in the ring.

Still, he’s got scars to prove it happened.

Lawler said, “He may have cracked a couple of ribs during the CPR but apparently that’s really what saved me.”

Lawler says his chest is still sore, he is wearing a heart monitor, and you could hear his voice is still raspy from the breathing tube that was in his throat, but things could have been a lot worse.

“If you’re going to have to have a heart attack mine was probably as good an outcome as you can have. None of the major arteries were blocked. All the major arteries were clear,” said Lawler.

Doctors believes Lawler’s heart problems are genetic.

His father had 7 heart attacks but Lawler says clean living is one reason he’s already up walking and talking.

He never ever tasted alcohol, never smoked a cigarette and says he never ever tried drugs. Still, getting back in the ring will take some time.

“That was one of the first thing Dr. Sampson told me this is going to have a major affect on my life,” said Lawler.

Lawler calls the outpouring of support overwhelming.

His phone is constantly ringing and there have been social media hits around the clock from around the globe.

“With the WWE exposure that I’ve had it’s been from all corners of the world the fans and concern have poured in from everywhere,” said Lawler.

Lawler says doctors predict his heart will heal itself. He suspects he’ll be ready to go back in the ring before doctors say its time.

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