Police: Man Used Sexual Images To Try And Extort Money

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(Memphis) Memphis police say a man tried to extort money from an ex-girlfriend by threatening to send out pictures of her she never wanted anyone to see.

Marcus Payne, 48, was arrested after his ex-girlfriend went to police and told them he threatened to send out sexually explicit pictures and videos of her if she didn't agree to sign a $10,000 loan.

The victim said Payne threatened to send the images of her over his cell phone and on the internet to family, friends and even her co-workers.

"It doesn't sound like him," said Ed Harris.

Neighbors at his Hickory Hill apartment complex don't know Payne well, but are still shocked to hear what he is accused of doing.

"That's terrible, but like I said it could be like she's trying to retaliate. Like the first of the year they had a lot of run-ins," said Harris.

Federal authorities say extortion using sexual images is a growing crime.

It's happening so much locally, the Rape Crisis Center has started to track the number of victims.

Last month, we told you about an 18-year-old who threatened to release a 14-year-old's sex tape if she didn't do what he wanted.

In this case, the threat was enough to make the victim get rid of any online accounts she felt could be used to exploit her or hurt her reputation.