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Memphis Golf Rates Could Rise for Out of Towners

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(Memphis) The Memphis City Council estimates they lose hundreds of thousands dollars every year on the city's eight golf courses. 

Councilman Kemp Conrad says that at many courses more than half the golfers actually come from other states, “We have a sixty million dollar reoccurring structural deficit and subsidizing people from out-of-town to the tune of a couple hundred thousand dollars a year doesn't make sense."

To offset that, the city council is considering charging out of towners higher rates to recoup the loss from lack of players. 

In another cost cutting measure, the city plans to close Pine Hill, Riverside, Davy Crockett and the Links at Whitehaven during winter months.

But many golfers showed up to Tuesday's discussion concerned Davy Crockett would be closed year round. 

“It`s one of the last good things we have going for us in Frayser that's city-wide, so please give it every consideration if you could possibly keep it open,” said Margaret Beaver.

The city council stuck with the original plan of keeping it open nine months a year.

The parks and recreation department is crunching the numbers to see exactly how much money they'll save by charging out of towners higher rates.

They're expected to meet with council again at the beginning of November to talk about that plan.