Janis Fullilove Wants Husband To Come Home

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(Memphis) Three weeks ago, Janis Fullilove wouldn’t even acknowledge her husband Vernon Chalmers at court.

Today, they were still sitting rows apart in the courtroom, but Fullilove’s attorney says both sides want to reconcile.

They plan to ask a judge next month to lift the conditions of their bond so Chalmers can move back home.

“At this time, they are not able to communicate with each other because of their bond conditions. But, I know that her husband has some serious health concerns, problems and Janis is his caretaker,” said her attorney Arthur Horne.

Horne says, ultimately, they want the case dismissed and are waiting for prosecutors to decide.

“The problem from a prosecutorial standpoint is how do you prosecute a case like that if neither party wants to go forward and prosecute the other person?” said Horne.

Court records show in April of last year Fullilove was granted an order of protection against Chalmers, but that case was dismissed.

Police say last month the couple got into a fight at their home after Fullilove accused Chalmers of cheating.

Attorneys say if prosecutor’s do come back with an offer it may come with conditions.

“A lot of times in domestic violence cases the offer may be anger management and then they’ll dismiss the case.

Fullilove didn’t want to comment about her case, but her attorney says she just wants to put her personal problems behind her and get back to doing the work of the city.