Memphis Couple Charged With Carjacking, Kidnapping and Robbery

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(Memphis) A Memphis couple is behind bars facing serious charges after Memphis Police say they were involved in a Wednesday night crime spree.

26-year-old Paula Glover and 29-year-old Bobby Glover are both charged with aggravated kidnapping, aggravated robbery and carjacking after MPD said they cut off a man while driving on Germantown Parkway near Cordova Road and then forced him from his car at gun point.

The victim, Juan Mireles told police the couple then took him back to 2053 Brighton where he was robbed and then beaten until he gave up the pin code to his bank cars. MPD claim to have surveillance video of Paula Glover withdrawing cash from two  ATM machines.

Neighbors on the couples street say they do not know much about the couple and are shocked to learned of the claims.

"To me that’s shocking to think something like that could happen next door and we didn’t know anything  about it. We didn’t know what type of people were moving in of course you really don’t know every body," said Lillian Adams.

The couple is behind bars. Paula has a $500,000 bond and Bobby has a $150,000 bond. They are due in court Monday morning.