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Greg Davis Guilty On Charges Involving School Bus

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(Southaven, MS) A justice court judge found Southaven Mayor Greg Davis guilty of two charges; Passing a School Bus and Improper Use of Blue Lights.

Mayor Davis took the stand Thursday afternoon to defend his actions back in March.

He claimed he was only trying to keep kids safe when he passed a school bus and used the city-issued blue lights to pull a driver over who had passed the same bus.

The bus driver, who filed the affidavits against Davis, didn't agree.

From the stand, she claimed his actions put a child's life in danger.

The judge found Davis guilty, but Davis' attorney believes the whole thing is political.

“This is nothing more than a political witch hunt,” Steve Farese said. “The deal is done before we walked in there. We had all the proof on our side. It was decided against us. That's the way it works sometimes.”

Mayor Davis added, “It’s amazing to me how the things I have been doing for 15 and a half years to assist our residents to help our city grow, all of a sudden, I have become the greatest evildoer of all time.”

Mayor Davis was fined $500 for Passing the School bus and $250 for Improper Use of Blue Light. He also has to pay court costs.

Davis has 30 days to appeal the judge's decision.

His attorney says it’s not clear at this point what they're going to do.

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