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Chavis Carter’s Girlfriend Said He Had Gun; Friend Reveals More

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(Jonesboro, AR)the Jonesboro Police Department has closed its investigation into the death of Chavis Carter.

Carter died in the back of a police car after shooting himself in the head.

Carter was arrested for a traffic issue as well as an outstanding warrant.

The death was ruled a suicide by a state forensics team.

Witnesses backed up statements from two officers that they were not near the squad car when a shot was heard.

Part of the evidence released in the case was an interview with Carter's girlfriend.

Brandie Henson and Chavis Carter appear to have shared a lot.

Henson says when Jonesboro, AR police first pulled Carter over he called her.

“He said he gave them a fake name, he was fixing to go to jail and he loves me”, Henson told a Jonesboro Police Detective.

According to the interview, Carter told his girlfriend to write him in jail and that he loved her.

She heard from him twice during this traffic stop.

“He called me and told me he was sitting in the back of the squad car, he was scared, and he had a pistol on him,” said Henson.

A state crime lab report says a fingerprint found on the gun was not Carter’s.

In fact, they couldn't match it to anyone.

The interview with Carter's girlfriend Brandie Henson also revealed she was pregnant.

“He was so happy about me being pregnant and having his first kid. He said he didn't want to lose his first family.  That's why it's so hard for me to believe," Henson told a detective.

The same night Carter died, Henson says she had a miscarriage.

She says when she lost the baby she did not even know Carter had died too,“When I woke up I thought, I'm going to have to write him in jail and tell him I lost his first child."

Police also released a statement from Carter's friend Robert Canada who said Carter told him if he was ever arrested again, he would kill an officer or himself.

Police now say the case is complete.

The manner of death was suicide according to a state autopsy.

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