Students Protest at Carver High

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(Memphis) Outside Carver High School Monday morning, Memphis Police officers could be seen, as well as more than 100 students who refused to go inside.

The students say they wanted their voices heard.

"We’ve been sending messages to the board. People aren’t replying, people aren’t responding back to us. So we feel that the only way to get their attention is try to form this student walk out and let them know we are not playing, we are serious about our education," said Senior class chairman Romero Malone.

It wasn't just students, but also parents outside of the school.

Their concerns were about student schedules that were not corrected for weeks, the lack of air conditioning in some classrooms and teachers who were fired.

"They accidentally put me in a special education class. I know I’m an honors student," said Romero, who said it took weeks to correct the error.

The Memphis School Board sent Region Superintendent Willie Rhodes to the school to assess the situation, "That’s one of the issues we are going to look into. How did we get to this point because we have our lines of communication established for them to deal with their concerns."

"They have what they call a cobra academy time. A time set aside for projects, activities  and time to meet with the principal, to discuss concerns," Rhodes added.

Students eventually went into the school about an hour after school started Monday when the principal agreed to meet with them in the auditorium.